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Why is my internet SLOW!?

We get this question a lot and there can be many answers but in most cases, the answer is very simple. Your network is not configured correctly or your wireless equipment is old and inefficient.

In most cases, the issue is that you are connecting to your wireless network using an older WiFi band that has been incorrectly selected. Usually this would be an old 2.4GHz band. The problem with 2.4GHz is that it only has 14 channels available each spaced 5MHz apart. In a crowded area or neighborhood, this presents a huge potential for interference from your neighbors on their wireless networks. A common symptom of this would be your connection is working fine one minute and then the next minute you have very poor network performance.

The best way to combat this situation is to make sure you are using the 5GHz band on your wireless network. Most wireless routers will show two different wireless networks with one usually labeled as 5GHz. The best way to ensure your devices connect to only 5GHz is to not enter the password for or connect them to your 2.4GHz (unlabeled) network. Technically, devices are supposed to be able to switch between the two to whatever is the optimal option, but most devices do this very poorly and often select 2.4GHz solely based on signal strength with no account for interference or actual performance.

Another reason for poor network performance could be that your wireless equipment is simply old and not up to the task of providing connectivity any more. For most types of wireless network equipment, we would recommend replacement every four years.

The last possible reason is that your internet service provider is having an issue. Believe it or not, this is the least likely cause. The best way to assess this possibility would be to connect a device directly to your router or modem with an Ethernet cable and run some speed tests (links below). This removes the possibility of wireless causing a problem and focuses solely on a stable wired connection directly off the equipment. Because different speed tests may produce different results, it is recommended to try at least two different tests. If you do not get numbers that match your service from your Internet Provider then you would want to contact them for troubleshooting.

If you suspect your old wireless network router needs to be replaced, we can certainly help! We can help find you an optimal solution to provide full stable wireless coverage to your home or small office. To acquire this service, simply click HERE to go to our service page and then select our Network Consultation option!

We are here to help you get a quality internet connection!

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