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What does the end of Windows 7 support mean for me?

Hello friends! Have you heard about the dreaded end of support fast approaching for Windows 7? Not sure if you should upgrade your old computer or replace it!? What does this end of Windows 7 support mean!? Tech Advocate can help!

First of all, the end of support for Windows 7 simply means that Microsoft will no longer provide support or security updates for it. What this means is that as evil doers exploit Windows 7 bugs, Microsoft will no longer provide updates to fix the exploits. This can leave you exposed if you do not upgrade your old computer to Windows 10 or replace it with a newer Windows 10 computer!

Have no fear though, Tech Advocate can help and we can also save you a huge amount of money with our service! Simply sign up for an individual consultation and we will follow up with a report on the best way to get yourself updated to Windows 10!

Of course, satisfaction is always 100% GUARANTEED! Act fast before you find yourself exposed!

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