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Shopping For a TV!

Hi friends! Welcome to the first blog for Tech Advocate! This blog will have periodic discussions regarding technology to help illustrate how Tech Advocate can help you with your technology needs and purchasing!

This particular blog post is going to focus on a recent TV purchase I personally made. As you can imagine, I extensively research EVERY large purchase I make so that I understand what I am getting. Obviously this is critical for a technology purchase of any kind. That said, this sort of research and reading of technology info can be a bit daunting to the average person! I spent at least three hours of my time researching my purchase to get the right item to fit my needs! I even already knew a lot about TV technology but still needed to do a bit of research!

In the end I decided on a Samsung QLED unit. I checked out everything and every difference between their models and what made one better than the other. I researched refresh rates, back light method and systems, resolution, contrast ratios, etc.

If you are interested in a TV purchase for the winter why not let us do the hard research for you!? We guarantee that our service will save you time and money!

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