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Tech Advocate is a company that was launched to act as an advocate for the every day consumers of technology. Tech Advocate provides a neutral party to aide you in your technology purchases. Our templates provide a quick and painless questionnaire for you, the customer to inquire about what technology solution might be right for you. Our services are designed to save you money by finding the best deal and equipment that is right for you in a friendly and painless manner.


Our advocates are IT professionals and electronics enthusiasts who will research your purchase for you and provide you with simple recommendations. We will research both online and local purchase options for you. We will explain our recommendations in an easily understood way so that you can understand our recommendations for your technology purchase. Below is a list of technology consultation services we provide. We are always expanding our services so please feel free to check back or shoot us an email about a possible new service.


Our number one goal is to help you find the best deal on a technology purchase that is right for you. Our service will save you money by finding you the best deal. Our experienced advocates know what it is like to make a difficult technology purchase. We are here to give you the confidence you need when making a complicated technology purchase.


Our advocates can currently provide buying support services for the following items:


PC computer hardware including, desktops, laptops, and tablets

Home and small business networking equipment including wireless

Home theater equipment

TVs and monitors


Computer repairs

Personal security 

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